I’ve tried the registry edit to make the util button on the logon screen open the snipping tool, which works fine, but once logged on the copy isn’t in the clipboard. The Snipping tool may take screenshots of an open window, a rectangular area, a free-form place, or the whole screen. You can annotate your snips with different colored pens or a highlighter, save it as a picture or MHTML file, or email it to a friend. You can easily capture screenshots of Lock Screen with Print Screen key on the keyboard. Under the Output tab, specify your Preferred Output File Settings. In particular, enter your desired path to automatically save screenshots to in the Storage location field.

If you use fdisk be sure to check you use MBR and not GPT . To compare, Ext3 could support a maximum of sixteen Tebibytes. Learn how to install Popcorn Time on Ubuntu and other Linux distributions easily.

How to Screenshot on MSI Laptop with 4 Ways

There are several other partition uses that fall in the “can make use of” category. This is just what the name implies, a separate partition which contains all of the ordinary users’ home directories and files. But again, this is not required and Linux can be installed and used just fine with the home directories in the root partition. Now that Windows supports WSL and lets you install a flavor of Linux, you can use it to mount physical disks formatted using the Linux ext4 filesystem. You will have to use the MOUNT command to view and use the EXT4 devices. Ext4 or Extended Files System version 4 is the file system for Linux.

When your mouse becomes a cross, drag it to select the areayou want to capture. The Snipping Tool might just be the best built-in option there is, though it’s not the most versatile. It does, though, allow you to define the portions of the screen you want to screenshot. Screenshots can be helpful at work, essential for record-keeping, or requested by tech support to better illustrate a bug you’re experiencing.


Make sure you’re not formatting this partition. This device I’m using has an AMD GPU and uses the open-source “amdgpu” driver. I’ll leave this unchecked considering I can install the codecs as necessary by myself. Do what you prefer and hit the “Continue” button. In Linux, the root directory contains all other directories and files on the system. When your RAM gets full, Linux moves the inactive pages from memory to the swap space.

Setting up local account security questions

It also helps users in determining the reason why you can’t login to Windows 10. You need to access the Startup settings to boot into safe mode. A. The password screen that appears each time you start Windows 10 is a security feature Microsoft added to help protect your computer from other people. To do this, go to the Accounts page and click where it says “Family and other users”. Next, click the plus icon What is a Windows driver? next to “Add someone else to this PC”. The next screen will ask for an email address or phone number, but you can select “I don’t have this person’s sign-in information”.

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